Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It has begun again

My poor son is beginning the year with fever and sore throat. I feel so bad for him. It is only the 6th day of school, and already he is out sick. So, now, to try to get him in to see a Dr. I guess, that's alright as I need to get him to give CK a new prescription for Tylenol for school for the migraines anyway. But still, poor kid. And he really likes school too. He feels like he's missing out on some things. So, today, we will read and at least get that much school for him.

MG's school is going alright so far. Yesterday, she got things done in a timely manner and then got so excited about it that it nearly made me cry. It is so good to see her get excited about doing what she needs to do! She was near tears, as if she herself could not believe it. She had the whole evening free to do whatever she wanted to do. Oh, and she did ALL the dishes by herself since her brother is sick and did it without complaining! I could hardly believe that! Of course, her dad dried them for her after she had them all washed and stacked in the drainer. WooHoo!

I am determined to have a great year with the kids this year and have planned all kinds of fun for the holidays. I am planning an hors d'oeuvre party for some close friends, making gift bags and gifts, and planning all the meals and snacks. I am really very excited about this year. The last few years have been really very hard for me. I could not, for anything, get into the mood of Christmas. I think it might have been all the changes in one year as well as just settling into the community. We have a great church with helps a lot. And now, we have friends and that helps a lot too. My piano should be arriving in the next few weeks, and that excites me. No, I don't play well, but I love to try to play and I will be receiving a bunch of song books and things, so that will be fun to play around on. And who know, I might even get better at it and play for the family!

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Sheila_T said...

Well, I'm excited for you to. I just know that you're going to have a great year as is everyone else.
I'm sorry that Calico Kid is not feeling so well. He will be in our prayers.
Congratulations Mystery Girl on your great accomplishment in getting things done in such a great way. Way to go!!!
Well, I'm now in the process of getting done doing all the things that need to be done to Sub Teach. Now it's time to fill out the criminal check and get finger printed. Now that's a first for me.
None the less, I am so excited about really doing what I've dreamed of all my life.
God bless you as you keep on doing your best for Jesus,
Lots of love,