Saturday, September 20, 2008

We're All Mixed Up

Dr. O is working again! Yup, he's been "hired" by Manpower to work for a company that makes side mirrors for vehicles. After 90 days, he will be hired into the company. So, why are we all mixed up? Well, for one, it's been a difficult summer with Dr. O working, then not, then working, then not, and now working again. The other reason is that this time he's on 3rd shift. Ouch. Hopefully there will be a shift premium. That would be a help.

And the piano! I am wearing out my fingers and the ears of my family! I really think that I'm improving. At least, the songs that I practiced as a kid sound better now, than they did then! I'll still working up to some hymns. I figure, if I learn the right hand first, then the left hand, that maybe sometime I can play them with both hands! HeeHee!

We made it through another week of school, appointments, and exciting happenings. WooHoo! Let's see, our piano arrived, we had an orthodondic appt. for Mystery Girl. Calico Kid went on an all day field trip to a YMCA camp to do challenge courses on high wires and other stuff like that! Then Calico Kid was informed that he no longer needs to wear his eye patch and that he needs to have his glasses prescription changed twice a year. Ugh! Mystery Girl had a hard week with all the excitement, but she made it through.

We started Bible Study this week. I think it is going ot be a good study this time around. They always are, but for some reason, I'm always surprised! So, that one is on Wed. night, then a friend and I are going to start a home Bible Study using Beth Moore materials. The one on Wed. is called Breakaway with Andy Stanley. The one we are doing in home is called Breaking Free with Beth Moore. We are going to do that one every other week. I'm quite excited about this study. I guess it is at just the right time in my life. It is "time to break the chains of the past" or something like that. Breakaway is about the how our beliefs impact our decisions which impact our outcomes. Breaking Free is about removing obstacles and identifying spiritual strongholds in our lives to having a closer walk with Christ.


Rod Speed said...

Glad to see Dr. O. working again.

Sheila_T said...

HI. Well, even all mixed up things like spagetti can be good.
The Bible Study sounds great.

Talk to you soon,
That crazy sil