Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bringing Order to Chaos

Today is 'Clean the Garage' day. We have to drag all the stuff out, sweep the floor, sort the junk, repack it all, and hide it away in the loft above the garage. This job is sooooo big, that I have been procrastinating it for a long time. This time, things are going to disappear, or be thrown away. We can't get the vehicles into the garage. We can barely walk through it. Boxes spilling over, empty boxes, boxes that were moved to access OTHER boxes, and there is no room to move around. You have to move boxes to get to the shelves, which are still full. Why is it such a mess? Well, two things. One, WE HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF. Two, we have NO ROOM to put it. We have NO storage. Our basement is wet and muddy (not a true 'basement'), our mudroom where the freezer and washer and dryer are at is full, our garage is the only overflow space left. I SOOOO want to build new shelving and get rid of stuff. The first thing to go is old toys that are scattered from hell to breakfast. Then I think it is going to be all the empty boxes (maybe I could use some to put thing in I'm getting rid of). Then I think I'm going to insist that we sell off a few duplicate items, or throw them away. Camping items, books, and things I'm saving to give the kids when they leave can go in the loft. Old fabrics and stuff can go on a shelf. We can get some hooks to hang the bikes on. By the time I'm done, the garage will be swept, stuff put away, I'll be hot and grumpy, and by tomorrow, I will be so sore that I won't be able to get out of bed for church! (That's why the procrastination!) I've been putting off the pain! I have no idea what to do with the kids while we work. I could make them help, but then nothing would make it to the trash can. Hmmmmm........I'll have to work on that one!

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