Monday, October 13, 2008

Garage Update

Well, we got it clean. The garage I mean. We threw out empty boxes. We hauled a gazillion boxes, totes, and bags to the loft. Actually, Dr. O did. I'm afraid to get up there. Our ladder is very unsafe, so I don't go up more than 3 rungs and then only with clenched teeth and a white face. We only threw out 1 trash can full. Granted, it was a 45 gallon can, but still, much more needed to be tossed. To do that would require many days of sorting and hauling and deciding. I decided to wait! At least we can see the floor now! And the stuff the kids always get into is out of reach now! WooHoo!

I was going to post some more pictures, but my program won't open and I fear that there is something wrong with my computer. Maybe I just need to restart it, but then I have to wait forever for it come back up again. I hate waiting!

The kids found two tiny baby mice that fell out of the 'concubine' (combine) on Saturday. They were hairless and did not have their eyes open yet. They are creeping looking. Shudder! But, guess who wanted to 'raise' them? That's right! The kiddos. They even made it to church! Oh, horrors! What kind of parent am I anyway? Actually, they got snuck into church without my knowledge and my DAUGHTER creeped out the BOYS! Ha Ha! She showed EVERYONE! Ewwwww! Yuck! I'm pretty sure that the church has enough mice that they don't need NEW Church Mice. Anyway, they died (THANK GOD) and the kids cried and had fits, and I had to go to my room to cry (laugh?) so I wouldn't hurt their feelings any worse than I already did. Who cries over MICE dying anyway?! I don't get it. But then, I'm sooooo insensitive. At least I'm not the mouse murderer! Dr. O got the privilege of that title! Giggle! Oh, the dramatics of being a 12 year old girl! Oh, I am SOOOO glad I'm not 12 anymore! I don't think I could live through it again! Oh, wait, I am living through it again.....with my daughter! Woe is me, woe is me. When will this wicked life be over? Must I suffer so, for the sake of future generations? How will I stop 'accusing' the child? Can I never do anything right? Oh, woe, oh, woe.......Accusing? Oh, that means that we are 'critisizing' her for EVERYTHING, and accusing her of not doing right or for doing wrong or for not doing wrong? I'm so confused! Whatever it is I did or didn't do, it was the wrong thing to do or not do!

Moving right along.....Can anyone diagram sentences in a way that I can understand?!!! Help! Predicate Nominatives and Complimentary Subjects or complimentary somethings..... But, I can point to all 50 states on a map and get them all right! Woo Hooo! And I can do 7th grade Math, at least so far!

By the way, I HATE HALLOWEEN! Somehow, I have to come up with costumes on no income, no decent fabric, in no time. Okay, so maybe part of it is that I don't WANT to make costumes. But, I am forbidden from buying them this year. And, they only need them for ONE day! Grrrrrr. WE are not celebrating this morbid holiday, but what do we do with the kids? They have parties at school, ok, CK has a party at school. MG doesn't. But that's not fair. But WHO CARES? They do. GRRRRRRRR. I guess, I'll have to finagle something about goin out to dinner that night to make up for it all. I HATE, HATE, HATE this activity.

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