Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Icky the Mouse

Well, I got the program to open finally. Here's Icky and Ucky the Mice! Great names don't you think?! Did I mention they are icky and ucky?
And this is the culprit who discovered them. Ewwww. What's worse, is somehow I became the mouse sitter and had to hold them. Gross me out the door. Gag me with a spoon and all that.
And this child is the one who called her father a mouse murderer! Yup, that innocent looking she-wolf!


ann said...

Uhm ,eeyyww.... what happened to the bald little critters? I, too, have held in my hands a tiny little baby mouse (at least it had already gotten to the 'hairy' part of life!) that my hubby was kind enough to bring home from work 'cause he felt sorry for it, and my little girl tried very hard to save it....sheesh. I hope things didn't get to sad for your girl!

Sheila_T said...

Only one thing to say, Yukky!!!!
Ok. God did not create mice except to be lunch for our kitties. At least that's what I think. lol

Have a great day,