Saturday, October 18, 2008

Busy Saturday

Today Calico Kid had his last race for the season. He ran/walked 1.2 miles and came in 17 out of 25. He did pretty well. I'm not sure what his time was but it was somewhere around 15 minutes. I tried to run some with him to keep him encouraged and to keep him moving. Not a smart move. It started my knees hurting again and I wheezed like a leaky organ for the rest of the day. In any case, we are now done with that activity until spring.
I also overheard comments about my daughter. "She's a dare devil." As you can see from this picture, they are right. Of course, it made a really great picture! And a startled upset mommy. All I could see was "injury, lawsuit, TROUBLE", of course, she NEVER falls off of anything and she purposely does things that scare me and she IS a dare devil. The trials of being a mother I guess.
I also peeled apples of about two hours, then had to core and slice them for applesauce. Now, it's cooking away in the roaster until it is soft enough to add the cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar for canning. Probably in another couple of hours I'll be able to can it.
That's all for tonight. Dr. O's dumb computer is messing me up, so I'll do it again later.


Sheila_T said...

Mercy! my heart jumped when I saw that picture. I'm so glad your her mom and not me.

Congrats to Lane on his great run.

Love ya all,

Rod Speed said...

Lane, I'm proud of your accomplishment in this run. Keep up the good work.

Tori, OK, we know you have good balance but don't do anything foolish. You probably would enjoy some the higher mountain hikes.

Grandpa caught a lot of fish this summer.