Friday, November 21, 2008

A Date - Really!

Hee Hee! Dr. O and I got to go on a date! We went out for donuts and coffee in a coffe shop! Do you know how unusual that is? Dr. O doesn't believe in going out for coffee! He must've been trying to please me! But, now I find I have no idea what to say to him on an adult level! Guess we'll have to have some more alone time and do some interesting things so we can carry on a conversation. We talked about Mystery Girl's first day of school and had a few good laughs! Wanna hear the scoop?!

Well, first of all, the bus forgot to drop her off, so she was a little bit late. Then when she walked in, she wouldn't talk to me. She just ran into the living room and plopped down on the couch and started reading! NOT FAIR! I'd been waiting ALL day to see how it went. Then Grandma called and MG told her some stuff. Anyway, it seems she had a decent day. Later she told me that she kicked a boy for 'asking her out', she told some girls that making fun of someone (same boy) was just like bullying and they shouldn't do that, and she was called 'show-off' because she knew all the answers in Math and Literature class and that she 'helped' a boy who didn't know the answer to give it in class by whispering the answer to him. Oh, yes, she also got to have pizza in Geography with all the 'A' students because they thought she must be an 'A' student since she knew everything in all the other classes. Then, she got to do Web Design and PE and found out it's okay to wear pajama pants to PE! OF COURSE - since I had just told her that she couldn't wear them to school the PE teacher said it was okay! So, I THINK she had a good day, but I'm just not sure! Thank GOD I'm not 12 anymore!

Today, she took 2 huge apples to school because the ones they serve at school are 'dinky'. She tried to take a paring knife to cut it with, but I put the nix on that. Then she decided that a plastic knife would have to do. Hope it works for her. Plastic knives are just about worthless as far as cutting things goes. She has already checked a book out of the library (a cartoon of course). At least, today, she was up and ready much easier than yesterday. Just don't TELL her anything, and you can get through the morning without a fight. Don't remind her either! But, DON"T MISS THE BUS! by the time I get her out the door, I'm ready to go back to bed and start the day over. Except, I can't. After she's gone, I have to get Calico Kid up and out. Ufda! I'ts 9:45 and I feel like I've had a full day already!

So, do you think I'll survive? Do you think she will survive? Please tell me we will! Please, please, please.

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Amy said...

I think it's hilarious that she kicked a boy for asking her out! lol

Sounds like she made quite a splash on her first day!

It also sounds like the homeschooling really paid off!