Monday, November 17, 2008

How Many Ways Can You Fix Venison?

How many ways can you fix venison? We have come up with a few like stew, roast, soup, and steak. Most of ours is cubed. If you have any great recipes let me know. We eat it about twice a week now!

Only 3 more days til Mystery Girl goes back to public school. I am finishing off her classes at home with a test at the end of each one. She only has History left. She gets on the bus at 645 am and gets home about 305 pm an hour and a half before her brother. Please pray for us as we go through this transision, we're gonna need it.

Oh, Amy, we just got your Christmas box! Wow! I love the scrapbooks of Christmas songs! Very Cool! I'm going to sit right down and play some as soon as I get back from an appointment with MG.

Soon, I will need to begin my yearly newletter that I didn't send last year! I have things to write about this time! And, I'm not depresssed this year either! Yay for happy pills!

We got our first snow yesterday. The kids played outside and built a snowman out of the .5 inch that we got! It looks like we are finally going to be having winter weather. I wonder how long it will be exciting to the kids. They are already talking of going to the sledding hill. But for that we need a lot more snow. It is very cold out now so I have to dig out my gloves and hat.

Well, I must get out to the appointment so I'll update you again later, sometime.

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Sheila_T said...

Well, I'll be praying for you. I know that God will give you all strength. I'll look for some interesting venison recipes. I'd love to taste some of your creations.

Lots of love,