Monday, September 27, 2010

Friends Make All The Difference

Friends, the people around us who treat us kindly, who share a special interest, or spend time with us, because we are worth it. Not enough can be said about the value of friendship. Stories have been written, songs sung, poems quoted about the special value of friends in our lives.

My daughter, who struggles to make and keep friends is a prime example of the value of true friendship. She recently made a new friend through our church and who goes to school with her. This friend is accepting, kind, compassionate, polite, and easy to get along with. This friend is able to accomplish what her mother, who has tried for years and years to accomplish and failed. This friend can ask a question in such a way that sets my daughter on the path to improvement and striving for excellence. This friend can get my daughter to do homework and make it fun. (the added benefit is better grades!) This friend has made my daughter laugh and giggle, to look forward to going to school, to look forward to going to church. This friend is my new best friend! This friend makes my life easier, if only for a little while. This friend just may be the healing balm that my daughter needs to become a young lady and a successful woman, to learn and acquire social graces, to "become." How I thank God for this friend.

At 14, a friend is closer than a "brother." The trials of adolescence are made unbearable by mean and vengeful people, but made so much better by a good friend who loves you.

I propose a toast to all good friends everywhere.

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Audrey said...

I agree!